Allama Iqbal Open University AIOU Admissions Open Spring 2024 Education For All International Students

One of the first universities to give the general public remote access to education is Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU). Its primary goals when it was founded in May 1974 were to give everyone access to education and support those unable to leave their homes or places of employment. The university has given working people access to education and placed girls right at their doorstep. With its innovative approach to professional, scientific, and technological education, AIOU is reaching out to even the most remote regions of Pakistan. British Prime Minister Harold Wilson first proposed the concept of distance education in the UK in the late 1960s. He believed that people who may have missed out on a better education because of an early job must be given the chance to further their education if they want to improve their knowledge and abilities in their free time during the nights at home.

When the AIOU was founded in 1974, it was the first Open University in Asia and Africa and the second globally. Thanks to it, millions of working people now have more opportunities, and it has grown into one of Pakistan’s leading educational institutions since then. The institution offers remote learning, which has given millions of people women in particular new options and systematically augmented the efforts of the federal and provincial governments without placing an undue strain on their resources. AIOU offers Masters, MPhil, and Ph.D. programs to develop professionals and enhance research capabilities in teaching and research institutions. The university has a well-established Institute of Educational Technology (IET) having in-house facilities for the production of TV, Radio, and non-broadcast programs.


The largest distance-learning university in Asia, Allama Iqbal Open University, principally focuses on meeting the educational demands of the general public by blending geographical and temporal borders and offering high-quality instruction at everyone’s doorstep. Presently, the university provides exceptional educational possibilities in a wide range of exciting programs from matriculation to the doctorate to a staggering 1 million students.


The university’s exclusive concentration is on raising the percentage of female literacy in the nation so that women may carry out their essential role in the process of advancement and development of the nation. The university makes special efforts for the poor and disenfranchised members of society in order to both empower them economically and reduce poverty in the nation.

Programs Offered:

BA/AD for Intermediate/12 grade passed Students

  • 0475 Associate Degree in Arts (BA Program)
  • 0480 BA Open Courses
  • 0474 Associate Degree in Commerce (B.Com)

BS Programs for Intermediate/FA/FSc/12 Years Passed Students

  • 5108 BS Arabic
  • 439 BS Accounting & Finance
  • 5102 BS Pakistan Studies
  • 5030 BBA
  • 5020 BS Sociology 5029 BS Economics
  • 5106 BS Mass Communication
  • 5104 BS English (Language & Literature)
  • 5101 BS Library and Information Sciences
  • 5103 BS Gender & Women Studies

BS Programs for BA/BSc/14 Years Degree Holders

  • 5515 BS Accounting & Finance
  • 5513 BBA
  • 5516 BS English
  • 5519 BS Economics
  • 5517 BS Gender and Women Studies
  • 5518 BS Library and Information Sciences

Certificate Courses

  • 0105 Certificate Arabi Bole Chal
  • 0121 Certificate in Literacy & Non-Formal Education
  • 1022 certificate of Entrepreneurship in Early Childhood care and Education

BS Programs for Associate/14 Years Degree Holders

  • 5549 BS Accounting Finance
  • 5550 BBA
  • 5553 BS English
  • 5554BS Gender & Women Studies
  • 5555 BS Library & Information Sciences
  • 5556 BS Economics


For MA/MSc/16 Year Degree Holders

  • 5008 B.Ed. (1.5 Years)

For BA/BSc/Associate Degree/14 Years Degree Holder

  • 5009 B.Ed. (2.5 Years) Elementary Teacher Education
  • 1015 B.Ed. (2.5 Years Science Education

For Intermediate/12 Years Education

  • 1019 B.Ed. (4 Years) School Leadership & Management
  • 5024 B.Ed. (4 Years) Secondary Teacher Education

Postgraduate Diplomas

  • 716 PGD Educational Leadership and Management
  • 1500 PGD EPM
  • 6002 PGD Entrepreneurship in Early Childhood Care and Education
  • 712 PGD Human Resource Management
  • 713 PGD Early Childhood Education (ECE)
  • 717 PGD Supply Chain Management
  • 718 PGD Entrepreneurship
  • 714 PGD Criminology
  • 715 PGD Population and Development
  • 1302 Diploma TEFL
  • 1022 Certificate of Entrepreneurship in Early Childhood

Online Apply:

Last Date: March 25, 2024

To apply online, please visit:

Eligibility Criteria:

For Eligibility Criteria and Require Documents click here.

Contact Information:

Please contact +92519572495

Email Address: [email protected]

Address: DIRECTORATE OF INTERNATIONAL COLLABORATION AND EXCHANGE Block-11, Allama Iqbal Open University, H-8.Islamabad

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