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One of the biggest public sector universities in Southern Punjab is Emerson University, Multan, which the Punjab Assembly founded under Act VIII of 2021. The University is situated right in the middle of Multan. The institution was founded on April 13, 1920, and was renamed Govt. Emerson College, Multan in 1933 as a tribute to Sir Herbert William Emerson, the Governor of the Punjab at the time. This institution has a remarkable and long history, with an extensive list of distinguished and eminent graduates at highly notable places in almost all significant fields of life.

Under the Punjab Act VIII of 2021, passed by the Provincial Assembly, Govt. Emerson College, Multan was reorganized as Emerson University, Multan in 2021 and given the status of an independent university conferring degrees. Currently, it serves about 7,000 students’ educational needs, and enrollment of nearly 20,000 students is anticipated shortly. This recently founded university aims to offer market-oriented programs in a range of humanities, natural sciences, and social science areas, from ADP/BS to PhD programs. Currently, the university offers two-year MA programs in thirteen disciplines, two-year Bachelor of Commerce programs, two-year Intermediate degrees, and four-year BS programs in twelve natural and social science fields.

University Mission:

  • To teach, motivate, and modify
  • Utilize and advance digital technology
  • to generate realistic and imaginative business owners and executives
  • Convert information into creative answers to societal issues
  • Create an atmosphere that develops moral people and critical thinkers
  • An engaging, collaborative, and technology-enabled educational environment

University Vision:

  • A premier university of the region shaping the future.

Programs Offered:

  • BS degree in Statistics
  • BS degree in Defense & Strategic Studies
  • BS degree in Data Science
  • BS degree in Business Administration
  • BS degree in Economics
  • BS degree in Political Science
  • BS degree in Environmental Sciences
  • BS degree in International Relations
  • B.COM degree in Commerce
  • BS degree in Finance & Accounting
  • BS degree in Chemistry
  • BS degree in Mathematics
  • BS degree in Biochemistry
  • BS degree in Botany
  • BS degree in Applied Psychology
  • BS degree in Public Administration
  • BS degree in Physics
  • BS degree in Biotechnology
  • BS degree in Sociology
  • BS degree in Education
  • BS degree in Urdu
  • BS degree in Zoology
  • BS degree in Media Art
  • BS degree in Microbiology
  • BS degree in Islamic Studies
  • BS degree in English

Require Documents:

Educational Documents:

  • High school/secondary school certificate or equivalent.
  • Result card/transcript of completed examinations.

National Identity Card (NIC) or B-Form:

  • Copy of your national identity card or B-Form.

Passport-size Photographs:

Recent passport-size photographs.

Certificate of Residence:

  • Evidence of residency is typically provided by the appropriate government agency.

Certificate of Character:

  • A character reference from the last school you attended.

Admission Process:

  • Go to “” the Emerson University official website.
  • Choose the course.
  • Provide all relevant information about your academic and personal background.
  • Upload a photo and provide any required paperwork.


The institution publishes an admissions brochure or prospectus that includes comprehensive details about the programs that are offered, the requirements for admission, and the application procedure.

Verify the Eligibility Requirements:

Examine the requirements for eligibility for the program in which you are interested. These could include prerequisites for admission tests, educational background, and other particulars.

Complete the Admission Form:

Get the application online or at the admissions office of the university. Fill out the form completely, making sure to include all necessary information.

Include Any Necessary Documents:

Gather and affix all required documentation, such as diplomas from educational institutions, transcripts, results from admission exams (if relevant), national identity cards, passports, certificates of residence, and any other papers mentioned.

Cover the Entrance Fee:

The prospectus’s stipulated admission charge must be paid. Usually, there is no reimbursement for this charge.

Send in your application:

Send the completed application form to the university’s admission office by the deadline, together with all necessary documentation.

Admission Exam (if relevant):

A test of admission may be required for some programs. If necessary, be ready for and show up for the university’s scheduled entry exam.

Selection and Merit List:

A merit list will be compiled by the institution using the applicant’s academic record, results from any applicable admission tests, and other pertinent information. Candidates that are chosen will be chosen according to the merit list.

If relevant, an interview:

Candidates may be required by certain programs to participate in an interview as a part of the selection procedure.

Offer of Admission:

The institution will extend an admission offer to those who are accepted. This offer will contain information about the program, costs, and other pertinent factors.

Enrollment and Fee Payment:

To ensure your place in the program, pay the necessary tuition and other expenses within the allotted time.

Apply Online:

Click here for the online application.

Deadline: The last date to apply online for the Emerson University Multan EUM Admissions 2024 is 

January 19, 2024.

Fee Structure:

BS Morning Programs Fee per Semester:

BS Evening Programs Fee per Semester:

Offered Scholarships:

  • Merit-based scholarships
  • Need-based scholarships
  • PEEF Outreach and Special Quota Scholarships

EUM Achievements:

  • 1st Best Digital Library in South Punjab
  • 1st Highest Computing Programs in South Punjab
  • 1st Largest Cricket Ground in South Punjab

Enterprise or entrepreneurial activities:

The following are some possible categories of entrepreneurial activities or tasks that educational institutions, like EUM, could engage in:

Business Incubators:

Creating business incubators to support startup projects started by students and graduates with infrastructure, resources, and mentorship.

Courses on Entrepreneurship:

Integrating courses and workshops on innovation, company development, and entrepreneurship into the academic program.

Startup Competitions:

To encourage students to develop and pitch their business ideas, startup competitions and business plan contests should be organized.

Organizing networking events to facilitate contacts and cooperation between industry experts, students, alumni, and possible investors.

Establishing groups or cells within universities that are specifically focused on entrepreneurship would allow students to work together, exchange ideas, and get advice.

Opportunities for Internships:

Encouraging internships and placements in startups or business endeavors so that students can obtain real-world experience.

Establishing groups or cells within universities that are specifically focused on entrepreneurship would allow students to work together, exchange ideas, and get advice.

Establishing innovation hubs, also known as centers, will allow students to collaborate on creative projects, do research and development, and look into business potential.

Assistance with Research Commercialization:

Offering assistance with the commercialization of research findings and creative projects created by academics and students.

Contact Information:

Address: Emerson University Multan

Email [email protected]


Phone: +92 61 9210037

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