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The British Council, in partnership with several UK colleges, is offering a series of scholarship programs known as the GREAT Scholarships. With the help of these scholarships, students from all over the world want to further their studies in the UK.

Outstanding students can often receive financial support through the GREAT Scholarships program, which pays for a portion of their postgraduate tuition. Every year, there may be changes to the application procedure, participating universities, and specific eligibility requirements.

This page now has GREAT Scholarships 2024 accessible. The Scholarships for Pakistani Students have been launched by the British Council, in collaboration with participating UK higher education institutions, and the UK Government’s GREAT Britain Campaign.

Students from Pakistan who wish to attend GREAT Scholarships Pakistan but are unable to pay for their education can apply for this complete scholarship. The GREAT Scholarships Pakistan 2024 advertising was retrieved from the official British Council website. We will talk about the GREAT Scholarship Pakistan on this page, including the qualifying requirements, the deadline, and online application instructions.

The GREAT Scholarships are available to academically talented but economically deprived learners who cannot afford to attend an elite institution of higher learning. As part of GREAT Scholarships Pakistan, GREAT Scholarships UK extends an invitation to these candidates for summer coaching programs. Upon admission, GREAT Scholarships Pakistan provides full financial assistance to these students, contingent upon the results of several examinations.

GREAT Scholarships is in charge of paying for all travel costs, entrance exam fees, and summer coaching fees. GREAT Scholarships is offering 20 postgraduate scholarships for the 2024–2025 school year. After a fruitful coaching session, students compete against other students solely based on merit when they take the Great Scholarship entrance exam.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Have a Pakistani citizenship.
  • Possess an undergraduate degree, be ambitious, and be interested in the subject that is being studied.
  • Fulfill the UK’s language requirements in English HEI establishes a scholarly relationship with the UK by achieving both personal and academic goals.
  • Be open to participating in a networking event with all GREAT scholars residing in the UK to exchange stories and learn about perspectives on studying there.
  • Actively stay in touch with the British Council and their HEI to serve as an ambassador for the GREAT Scholarships and their alumni be prepared to periodically discuss their personal experiences studying in the UK with prospective applicants.

Required Documents:

Depending on the particular scholarship, the participating university, and the level of study (undergraduate or postgraduate), different documentation may be needed to apply for GREAT Scholarships for Pakistan or any other scholarship program. However, the following typical documents are frequently needed

Application File:

Fill out and send in the scholarship application form that the participating UK university or the British Council has provided.

Verification of Identity:

a duplicate of your ID card or passport.

Academic Qualifications and Transcripts:

copies of your diplomas and transcripts from school, which attest to your academic success. Transcripts from undergraduate or high school coursework may be among them.

Admissions Letter:

a copy of the UK university’s admissions letter or offer. Before applying for some scholarships, you might need to have received an admission offer.

Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV):

a thorough CV that highlights your accomplishments in school and extracurricular activities, professional background, and any other pertinent data.

Letters of recommendation:

letters of recommendation from instructors, lecturers, or employers describing your qualifications both personally and academically. The number of letters of recommendation needed may differ.

Statement of Purpose or Personal Statement:

a written statement outlining your professional and academic objectives, the rationale for your decision to enroll in the particular course and university, and how the scholarship will support you in achieving them.

Results of the English Language Proficiency Test:

copies of your results from English language competency exams, such as the TOEFL or IELTS, according on the university’s and the scholarship’s requirements.

Research Project (if relevant):

You might need to submit a research paper explaining your intended field of study and its importance if you’re applying for postgraduate scholarships.

Work Experience (if relevant):

If applicable, please include a brief overview of your job history if you have experience, particularly for postgraduate scholarships.

Any further supplementary materials:

Verify the particular prerequisites of the scholarship initiative. Certain scholarships could ask for particular documentation relevant to the topic of study or impose additional restrictions.

Admission process:

  • For additional information, go to the university’s page above and click the link to access the university’s website.
  • Apply for individual scholarships by following the guidelines provided on the scholarship pages of each university.
  • Each school has a different deadline for GREAT Scholarship applications. Please visit the institution’s website for information on the deadlines for each specific university.
  • The universities that select the successful scholars will notify them of the outcome of their application.
  • Successful scholars will receive scholarship funding from their respective universities upon registration.

Pakistani students can apply for postgraduate scholarships at the following universities during the 2024–2025 academic year.

For information on which courses scholarships are available for and how to apply, please Click Here.

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