Apply Online: Spring Admissions 2024 Open For BS Programs At Barani Institute Of Management Sciences, Rawalpindi, BIMS

The Barani Institute of Management Sciences (BIMS) was founded in 2013 and provides outstanding education in social sciences, computer science, management science, and other fields. Likely, the Barani Institute of Management Sciences (BIMS) in Rawalpindi is an institution that specializes in teaching and training in management. The word “barani” implies a link to the climate of the area and could be referring to attention to environmental or agricultural management, given the importance of “barani” in rain-fed agriculture.

A variety of management studies academic programs, including undergraduate and even graduate degrees, are probably offered at BIMS. Management programs may encompass a range of disciplines, including finance, marketing, human resources, and other areas.

The institute probably offers resources necessary for efficient learning, like computer labs, a library with pertinent management books, and classrooms furnished with contemporary teaching aids.

  • The goal of BIMS is to establish a model school for high-quality instruction.
  • Offers a lively and intellectual environment.
  • Collaboration with Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi, and Pir Mehr Ali Shah.


The institute’s goal is to help produce extraordinary teachers, scholars, researchers, and managers while offering the highest standards of global compatibility in a supportive learning environment. Through instruction and targeted research, we hope to foster an intellectually stimulating environment that fosters critical, analytical, and creative thinking to address global societal issues. It is expected that the institute will have a purpose and vision that align with the objectives of providing high-quality management education, developing leadership abilities, and assisting in the general development of its pupils.


BIMS wants to give the next generation of students a top-notch education so they can rise to the challenges of a competitive world. Our goal is to nurture and inspire pupils with optimistic outlooks who can adapt to changes in their development. In addition, the Institute will set the standard for training professionals who will enhance people’s lives in a dynamic and complicated global society by offering leadership, excellent education, and related services.

Programs Offered:

  • BS degree in Commerce
  • BS degree in Environmental Sciences
  • BS degree in Economics
  • BBA degree in Business Administration
  • BS degree in Anthropology
  • BS degree in Computer Science
  • BS degree in Sociology
  • BS degree in Statistics
  • BS degree in Software Engineering
  • BS degree in Mathematics
  • BS Artificial Intelligence

Apply Online: Click here for the Online Application.

Fee Structure:

ProgramsAdmission FeeSemester Charges1st  Semester PayableSubsequent Semester Payable
BBA (4/2 yrs) BS (Commerce)15,000/-49,800/-64,800/-49,800/-
BS (CS/SE)15,000/-65,800/-80,800/-65,800/-
BS (Eco/Anthro./Soc)15,000/-39,800/-54,800/-39,800/-
BS (Maths/Stats)15,000/-39,800/-54,800/-39,800/-

Details of Improvement Courses in Regular Semester

DisciplinesSummer Semester “P and “D” Grade onlyRegular Semester “F” grade or Drop course
BBA (4/2 yrs) BS (Commerce)7,500/-6,000/-
BS (CS/SE)7,500/-6,000/-
BS (Eco/Anthro./Soc)7,500/-6,000/-
BS (Maths/Stats)7,500/-6,000/-
BS (Envir. Sci)7,500/-6,000/-

Enterprise or entrepreneurial activities:

  • Establishing innovation hubs or incubators to aid in beginning businesses and entrepreneurial endeavors. For students and alumni, these initiatives frequently offer workspace, resources, and mentorship.
  • Providing workshops and courses with an emphasis on innovation, company development, and entrepreneurship. Students who complete these programs will have the knowledge and abilities needed to launch and run their own companies.
  • Putting on business plans or startup competitions where students can present their concepts to a panel of judges. The winners might get money, coaching, or other benefits.
  • Putting together networking gatherings for entrepreneurs, industry executives, alumni, and students. These gatherings offer chances for cooperation and idea sharing.
  • Assisting companies and students in forming alliances and working together to promote the creation of creative answers to pressing problems.
  • Organizing hacking events, coding contests, or innovation challenges to motivate students to find solutions and create new products or technology.
  • Assisting and motivating the establishment of clubs or societies focused on entrepreneurship headed by students. These groups are capable of planning entrepreneurship-related events, seminars, and activities.
  • Supplying students and graduates with promising business initiatives with grants, seed money, or other forms of financial assistance.
  • Creating mentorship programs that pair up prospective business owners with seasoned mentors from related fields.
  • Encouraging entrepreneurship and research and development projects with the potential for commercialization.

Offered Scholarships:

Academic Merit Scholarships:

Given to pupils by their accomplishments and performance in the classroom.

Scholarships Based on Need:

Given to students who show a need for financial assistance.

Qalam Foundation Scholarship:

Talented students who cannot afford to pay for their studies can apply for BIMS scholarships, which are funded by the QALAM FOUNDATION.

Require Documents:

  • Provide Three (3) sets of each document
  • A copy of your matriculation certificate along with a thorough marks sheet or your O-level certificate (along with an IBCC equivalent certificate)
  • A copy of the Intermediate Certificate together with a comprehensive Marks Sheet or the A Level Certificate (together with the IBCC Equivalency Certificate)
  • Detailed Marks sheet (if applicable) or Bachelor’s degree
  • Master’s degree or, if applicable, a detailed mark sheet
  • Computerized National Identity Card or B-Form Plus Immigration Certificate with Father’s or Guardian’s CNIC (after admission before the start of Mid-Term Exams)
  • Six (6) Current Images
  • An application is enclosed in the File.
  • Certificate of Hope (Students Awaiting Results)
  • Affidavit in the name of the parent or guardian, available at Campus Bookshop, on stamp paper costing Rs. 50/-
  • The Campus Bookstore has the Student Card Form available.

Admission Process:

Obtain Details About Admission:

Visit the official Barani website, admission prospectus, or announcements for more on admission requirements, application forms, and deadlines.

Examine the Qualifications:

Verify the prerequisites for the particular program in which you are interested. This could include prerequisites for school, entrance tests, and other things.

Get the application and complete it:

Get the application for admission online or from the admissions office of the university. Fill out the form completely, making sure to include all necessary information.

Include Any Necessary Documents:

Collect and include any required paperwork, including diplomas, transcripts, identity documents, passport-sized photos, and any additional papers the university may specify.

Cover the Application Fee:

As specified in the brochure or on the university website, pay the application fee.

Submit Application:

Before the deadline, turn in your completed application form and any necessary supporting documentation to the admissions office. Some colleges might let submissions be made online.

Admission Test or Interview (if relevant):

Certain programs could mandate that candidates complete an entrance exam or appear in person for an interview. Get ready for and show up for any necessary exams.

Selection and Merit List:

Based on academic standing, entrance exam scores (if applicable), and other pertinent information, the university will create a merit list. Candidates that are chosen will be chosen according to the merit list.

Fee Payment and Enrollment:

To ensure your place in the program, pay the necessary tuition and other fees within the allotted time.

Orientation and Start of Classes: –

Participate in any orientation meetings that the institution hosts, and start your classes on time each academic year.

Deadline: The last date to apply for BIMS admission is 24-01-2024

Campus Facilities and Life:

Academic Resources:

  • classrooms with modern instructional resources.
  • specialized labs for hands-on training.
  • Libraries that hold a wide range of books, periodicals, and research resources.

Services for Students:

  • career coaching and counseling services.
  • Medical facilities and health services.
  • Clubs and organizations for students.

Recreational Resources:

  • Sports facilities include courts, sports grounds, and gymnasiums.
  • Students can unwind in common rooms or recreation centers.

A Place to Live and Lodging:

  • student housing alternatives on campus or close by.
  • dorms or residential halls.

Dining Areas:

  • eating rooms or cafeterias with a selection of foods.
  • coffee cafes or snack bars.

Connectivity and Technology:

  • computer labs with online connectivity.
  • Accessible Wi-Fi across the campus.

Services for Transportation:

  • Options for student transportation or shuttle services while they commute.

Security and Safety:

  • Security guards and precautions to guarantee pupils’ safety.
  • Services for emergency response.

Events on culture and recreation:

  • Concerts, performances, and cultural events.
  • Campus events and social activities.

Participation in the Community:

  • Possibilities for outreach and community service.
  • cooperation with neighborhood companies and associations.

Contact Information:

LG 112 Murree Rd, D Block Block D Satellite Town, Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan

Phone: +92 51-4853701-2

Phone : +92 333-333-BIMS(2467)

Email: [email protected]

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