Macquarie University Research Scholarships 2024 in Australia

The Macquarie University Research Scholarships 2024 in Australia are the ideal chance if you wish to study there! Applications for this foreign student fellowship are now being accepted. By applying for these research scholarships, students from all around the world can pursue higher education without worrying about their financial situation. In Australia in 2024, a distinguished scholarship known as the Macquarie Scholarship enables overseas students to pursue postgraduate research programs. Through a competitive process, outstanding graduate researchers are chosen to receive this Australian scholarship. The stipend is accompanied by extra funds and Overseas Students Health Coverage (OSHC). For this reason, the Macquarie University scholarships for overseas students represent an excellent chance to do research in Australia in 2024.

Programs Offered:

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)(for domestic students)
  • Bachelor of Philosophy (BPhil)(for domestic and international students)
  • Master of Research (MRes)(for domestic and international students)
  • Bundle offers of Master of Research second year and PhD (MRes Y2 + PhD) (for domestic students).

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Macquarie University is accepting applications for its research scholarship from international students worldwide.
  • Candidates seeking Macquarie University graduate research fellowships must make sure they fulfill the minimal requirements for the relevant program of study.
  • Using the university’s scholarship search engine, candidates should carefully evaluate the available courses linked to each scholarship before applying.
  • Additionally, the applicant’s evaluation is based on their academic standing and research background, with extra weight placed on how well the suggested study topic fits into the university’s research priorities.
  • The Macquarie University Research Scholarships require full-time enrollment in an authorized program on campus for all applicants to be considered.
  • The Macquarie Scholarship Rating Sheet will be used to choose the scholarship recipient.

Online Apply:

For Online Apply click here.

For session 2, 2024, the International Research Scholarship Round deadline isĀ 1 March 2024.

Required Documents:

  • Official records of all previous coursework, including master’s and bachelor’s degrees, as well as proof of enrollment in the current program, if any. We can accept unofficial transcripts of your current program that bear the institution’s seal or stamp if you are enrolled in it at another university.
  • The official marking system or grading scale the university uses for your previous and present qualifications. This often comes with your academic transcript and can occasionally be seen on the reverse of the document. It contains the range of grades that the school has granted.
  • An official degree from the university, or a statement of completion for all previously completed studies, if any.
  • A scorecard from an English proficiency exam or other documentation attesting to your compliance with language requirements
  • Detailed resume (including all research results, such as journal articles, publications, etc.).
  • If your degree required you to complete a thesis or significant research project:
    The thesis abstract, a copy of the thesis, examiner reports, the grade for the thesis component, and the number of months the thesis component takes to complete for your degree.
  • Passport copy (or birth certificate if no passport available)
  • Current Australian visa (for Permanent Residents or Humanitarian Visa holders).

    Additional Documents:

  • Study proposal with supporting data for any assertions of academic awards with supporting records for any scholarships claimed provided supporting documents for any claimed publications (accepted for publication and published), conference talks, books, book chapters, articles, and, if relevant, a statement of exclusion from a university course.
  • evidence of enrollment at the affiliated university, along with the anticipated date of thesis submission (in the case of a joint Ph.D. application)
  • If you are transferring from another Australian university, you will need to supply information on your enrollment duration, study style, scholarships awarded, and total EFTSL used.
  • In the Faculty of Medicine, Health and Human Sciences, an email from a supervisor confirming their support to supervise is required for MRes Y2, MPhil, and PhD candidates.


  • One or more of the following advantages could be included in the Australian Graduate Research Scholarships.
  • The Macquarie graduate scholarship offers a substantial financial award. This can entail a waiver of the tuition price. Thus, we can guarantee that students won’t have to worry about paying for their education.
  • Additionally, stipends or living allowances are available to applicants to help with daily living expenses while studying in Australia.
  • In addition to the standard stipend, some scholarships provide a living allowance, which adds to the financial aid package.
  • The financial strain of studying abroad may be lessened for overseas students by scholarships in Australia that may pay for costs like visa application fees and Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).
  • Beginning on January 1, 2024, Macquarie University’s normal stipend for graduate researchers will increase by 9%, amounting to $35,000 annually for full-time students.
  • Additionally, the $5000 per session worth of the Bachelor of Philosophy scholarship is paid in one lump payment.

Scholarships could be awarded for any number of the following:
Living allowance (stipend) offset by tuition fees living allowance top-up (extra funding over base stipend) fixed amount or one-time payment
International students’ expenditures for applying for a visa and/or for Overseas Student Health Coverage (OSHC).

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