Mihaj University Lahore Admissions Open Spring 2024

The founder of Minhaj ul Quran International and Shaykh-ul-Islam Prof. Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri established Minhaj University Lahore in 1986. It is conveniently accessible from all of the city’s major regions and is situated in a prominent location. Its campuses are located in Model Town and Township. The Punjabi government gave degree-awarding status under Act No. XII of 2005. Minhaj University has also been acknowledged by the Pakistani Higher Education Commission under the “W3” level.

It is divided into nine faculties: Engineering, Applied Sciences, Languages, Shariah & Islamic Studies, Economics & Management Sciences, Computer Science & Information Technology, Basic Sciences & Mathematics, Social Sciences & Humanities, and Allied Health Sciences.

There are several Schools and Teaching Departments within faculties. The International Center of Excellence (ICE) and the International Centre of Research in Islamic Economics (ICRIE) are two other centers run by the university. With related administrative and educational facilities such as science labs, computer labs, research labs, libraries, dorms, cafeterias, mosques, parking lots, and playgrounds, it boasts a purpose-built campus. There are programs available at the BS, MA, M.Sc., MS, M.Phil., and PhD levels in every faculty.

To put it briefly, Minhaj University instills in its students the idea that constructing a solid foundation for a career through a combination of academic and practical knowledge, as well as vision and observation to grasp who they will become and the notion that success is guaranteed when one is mature and pure, thereby clearing the path to great success.


Students reach their full potential for intellectual and personal growth when they are exposed to novel concepts and critical thinking and learning approaches. To equip future leaders to positively impact both the country and the global community, they are raised to be tolerant, compassionate, and productive individuals. We think that the attitudes and character of our pupils are a reflection of their education.


We are dedicated to establishing a supportive learning atmosphere that empowers our students to set out on a path of intellectual, social, spiritual, and individual growth. We’ll make sure that our graduates advance society locally, nationally, and internationally. The unique training and educational program offered by the university will be a plus.

Offered Programs:

Minhaj University Undergraduates Programs:

  • BS History
  • BS Chemical Engineering
  • BS Statistics
  • BS Urdu
  • BS Botany
  • BBA
  • BS Zoology
  • BS Education
  • BA (Hons)
  • BEd
  • BS English
  • BS Religious Philosophy
  • BS Arabic
  • BS Islamic Studies
  • BS Medical Laboratory Technology
  • BS Shariah
  • BA Behavioral Science
  • BS Political Science
  • BSC Behavioral Science
  • BS International Relations
  • BS Chemistry
  • BS Pakistan Studies
  • BS Physics
  • BS Mathematics
  • BS Public Policy
  • BS Library and Information Science
  • LLB
  • BS Sociology
  • Associate Degree in Commerce
  • BS Mass Communication
  • BCOM
  • BS Food and Nutrition
  • BS Islamics Banking and Economics
  • BS Information Technology
  • BS Islamic Banking and Finance
  • BS Interior Designing
  • BS Accounting and Finance
  • BSC Chemical Engineering
  • BS Banking and Finance
  • BTech Electrical
  • BS Commerce
  • BTech Civil
  • BS Economics
  • BTech Mechanical
  • BS Economics and Finance
  • BS Computer Science
  • BS Fine Art
  • BS Software Engineering
  • BS Fashion Design

Minhaj University Master Programs:

  • MS Political Science
  • MS Management Science
  • MS International Relation
  • Master in Information Technology (MIT)
  • MSc Pakistan Studies
  • MSc Computer Science
  • MSc Public Policy
  • MS Commerce
  • MSc Library & Information Sciences
  • MS Islamic Banking and Economics
  • MSc Sociology
  • MS Islamic Banking and Finance
  • MSc Mass Communication
  • MS Statistics
  • MS Pakistan Studies
  • MCom
  • MS Public Policy
  • MSc Accounting and Finance
  • MS Library and Information Science
  • MSc Banking and Finance
  • MS Sociology
  • MSc Economics
  • MS Mass Communication
  • MSc Business Economics
  • MSc Political Science
  • MSC Criminology and Criminal Justice System
  • MSc International Relations
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Criminology and Criminal Justice System
  • MA Islamic Studies
  • MSc Mathematics
  • MA Shariah
  • MS Physics
  • MS Islamic Studies
  • MS Mathematics
  • MEd
  • MSc Physics
  • MSc Education
  • MS Chemistry
  • MS Education
  • MSc Chemistry
  • MS Computer Science
  • MS History
  • MS Software Engineering
  • MSc History
  • MS Information Technology
  • MS English
  • MSc Food & Nutrition
  • MS Arabic
  • MBA Executive
  • MS Urdu
  • MBA Management Science
  • MS Botany
  • MBA
  • MSc Botany
  • MA Arabic
  • MSc Statistics
  • MA Urdu
  • MSc Zoology
  • MA English

Minhaj University MPhil Programs:

  • MPhil English
  • MPhil Mathematics
  • MPhil Arabic
  • MBhil Criminology and Criminal Justice System
  • MPhil Urdu
  • MPhil Economics
  • MPhil Statistics
  • MPhil Economics and Finance
  • MPhil Botany
  • MPhil Islamic Banking and Economics
  • MPhil Zoology
  • MPhil Islamic Banking and Finance
  • MPhil History
  • MPhil Commerce
  • MPhil Pakistan Studies
  • MPhil Computer Science
  • MPhil Chemistry
  • MPhil Software Engineering
  • MPhil Biochemistry
  • MPhil Information Technology
  • MPhil Physics
  • Mphil Management Science
  • MPhil Political Science
  • MPhil Food & Nutrition
  • MPhil International Relation
  • MS Education
  • MPhil Public Policy
  • MPhil Islamic Studies
  • MPhil Library and Information Science
  • MPhil Islamic Shariah
  • MPhil Sociology
  • MPhil Education
  • MPhil Mass Communication
  • MPhil Religious Philosophy

Online Apply & Eligibility criteria:

Click here for the Online application and Eligibility criteria.

Fee Structure:

For fee Structure click here.

Scholarships And Fee Concession:


Top five position holders on any Board     (100% Tuition Fee)

Students with 85% and above in any Board/University Examination except MUL   (50% Tuition Fee)

Students with 80% to 84% in any Board/University Examination except MUL   (25% Tuition Fee)

Students with 70% to 79% in any Board/University Examination except MUL   (10% Tuition Fee)

MUL Semester Student when obtaining CGPA 3.8 in a Semester   (10% Tuition Fee for one semester only)

MUL Semester Student when obtaining a CGPA of 3.9 in a Semester  (15% Tuition Fee for one semester only)

MUL Semester Student when obtaining CGPA 4.0 in a Semester   (20% Tuition Fee for one semester only)

Concession Policy:

  • Students applying for concession must have secured a minimum aggregate of 50% in the last Examination of the Board/University.
  • The package is reduced by 10 % for those students who pay the full two/four years fee package at the time of admission.

The following types of concessions are being offered to the students as indicated against each

MQI BASED CONCESSIONS                                                          (CATEGORY)

  • Students sponsored by affiliates/members of Idara/Tehreek are in good standing. (5% Tuition fee off)
  • Son/Daughter ward of a Member with up to 5 years valid membership.     (10% Tuition fee off)
  • Son/Daughter ward of a member with more than 5 years of valid membership.   (15% Tuition fee off)
  • A staff member of Minhaj-ul-Quran Secretariat and Markazi educational institutions.   (20% Tuition fee off)
  • Spouse/Children of Staff members of Minhaj-ul-Quran Secretariat and Markazi educational institutions.     (10% Tuition fee off)


  • Old students of recognized Minhaj Colleges.       (5% Tuition fee off)
  • Minhaj University Lahore (Township Campus).     (10% Tuition fee off)
  • Minhaj University Lahore (Model Town Campus).   (10% Tuition fee off)


  • Disabled candidates on a case-to-case basis.        (5% to 15% Tuition fee off)
  • Two or more real brothers and sisters (For Younger only).    (15% Tuition fee off)


  • Double concession is not allowed.
  • Concession will be divided equally in all the semesters.
  • The fee structure for each academic program in a faculty has been given with the prospectus of the faculty concerned

Campus Facilities:

  • Academic Environment & Teaching Methodology
  • Audio Visual Center
  • Computer Laboratories
  • Research Laboratories
  • Job Placement Bureau
  • Library & Research Institute
  • Affordable Quality Education
  • Student Evaluation
  • Cafeteria
  • Study Commons
  • Separate Girls Classes
  • Separate Hostel Facilities
  • Sports
  • Educational Tours & Trips
  • Parents-Teachers Meetings
  • Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Financial Aid & Merit Scholarships
  • National Day Celebrations

Contact Information:

Main Campus: Hamdard Chowk, Township, Lahore, Pakistan.

Contact Number 0311-1222-685

Fax 042-35145621-6, 042-35116779

Email Address: [email protected]

Admission Office:

Direct Line: 042-35145629

Fax 042-35145621-26, Ext: 320, 321, 347

Email Address:[email protected]

Office of the Registrar:

Direct Line: 042-35145625, 042-35145621-6, Ext: 313

Fax 042-35116779

Email Address:[email protected]

Directorate of Academics:

Direct Line: 042-35233121

Fax 042-35145621-26, Ext: 318, 381

Email Address: [email protected]

Directorate of Administration:

Direct Line: 042-35116780

Fax 042-35145621-26, Ext: 364

Email Address:[email protected]

Students Affairs Office:

Direct Line: 042-35145621-26, Ext: 346 & 397

Email Address:[email protected]

Accounts Office:

Direct Line:  042-35145621-26

Email Address:[email protected]

Department of Examination:

Direct Line: 042-35145627

Fax 042-35145621-26, Ext: 307, Ext: 369

Email Address:[email protected]

College of Shariah & Islamic Studies

Address: 365-M, Model Town, Lahore, Pakistan.

Contact Number 111-140140 Ext: 151

Fax 042-35169120, 042-35168184

Minhaj College for Women

Address: Main Civic Centre (Baghdad Town), Lahore

Contact Number042-35116783-5

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