PCB Chairman Meets ICC Delegation for Champions Trophy Evaluation

Today’s meeting between PCB Chairman Mohsin Naqvi and the International Cricket Council (ICC) committee, currently assessing venues and facilities for the 2025 ICC Champions Trophy in Pakistan, was attended by a delegation led by Chris Tetley, Head of Events at ICC, alongside Aun Zaidi, Manager of Event Operations, and Sarah Edgar, Senior Manager of Event Operations.

The gathering, held at PCB headquarters, saw the participation of Salman Naseer, PCB’s Chief Operating Officer, Usman Wahla, Director of International Cricket, and other key executives. Discussions primarily revolved around the meticulous planning and execution of the prestigious ICC Champions Trophy 2025, highlighting the importance of seamless collaboration between PCB and ICC.

Expressing his enthusiasm, Chairman Mohsin Naqvi remarked, “There is tremendous excitement within the board and cricket enthusiasts across Pakistan as we gear up to host an ICC Tournament. Providing top-tier facilities befitting this historic event remains a solemn commitment by PCB.”

Naqvi further affirmed, “I am pleased to announce that PCB will undertake significant renovations at the nation’s three primary venues ahead of the ICC Champions Trophy 2025.” Every aspect will be meticulously addressed to ensure the success of the tournament and leave a lasting impression.

The collaboration between PCB and ICC in Pakistan’s cricketing history marks a pivotal moment, underlining the country’s capability to host global competitions at par with international standards. Anticipation is high for an engaging and memorable ICC Champions Trophy in Pakistan in 2025, with preparations intensifying. Stay tuned for further updates as the event draws nearer.

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