PhD Program Admissions at University of Engineering & Technology (UET), Taxila 2024

The University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Taxila, located in Taxila, Punjab, is one of Pakistan’s most renowned engineering universities. UET Lahore’s sub-campus, UET Taxila, was founded in 1975. In 1993, it was granted university status. Undergraduate and graduate engineering degrees in Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Electronics, Computer, Telecommunication, and Industrial Engineering are all offered by UET Taxila.

Modern facilities are available on campus, such as well-stocked labs, classrooms, and libraries. Sports facilities, extra-curricular facilities, and student club facilities are available. Through workshops, internships, and group projects, the institution frequently forges connections with business sectors to give students real-world experience. To improve the abilities of professionals and individuals in the industry, UET Taxila may provide workshops, short courses, and continuing education programs.

Programs Offered

The BSc programs that UET Taxila offers are as follows:

  1. Civil Engineering
  2. Environmental Engineering
  3. Electrical Engineering
  4. Electronic Engineering
  5. Mechanical Engineering
  6. Industrial Engineering
  7. Software Engineering
  8. Computer Engineering
  9. Telecommunication Engineering
  10. Computer Science
  11. Mathematics
  12. Physics

Programs for Post Graduates:

  1. Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering
  2. Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering
  3. Ph.D. in Computer Engineering
  4. Ph.D. in Software Engineering
  5. Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering
  6. Ph.D. in Engineering Management
  7. Ph.D. in Telecommunication Engineering
  8. Ph.D. in Mathematics
  9. Ph.D. in Civil Engineering
  10. Ph.D. in Electronics

Eligibility Criteria

Academic Background:

Typically, applicants must have earned their comparable qualification from a board or institution, or their intermediate education (HSSC) must have been completed.

Pre-Engineering Background:

Candidates for engineering programs often need to have completed pre-engineering coursework, which includes physics, chemistry, and mathematics courses.

Exam of Admission:

To admit students to its undergraduate programs, UET Taxila administers a joint entrance exam. The entrance exam is mandatory for applicants, and admission is determined by the entry test results as well as academic standing.

Calculating Merit:

The applicant’s academic record and entrance exam scores are used to determine their merit. The relative weights assigned to each element may differ.

Requirements for Post Graduates

A bachelor’s degree:

Typically, candidates for postgraduate programs must have successfully earned their bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution of higher learning.

Minimum percentage/CGPA:

Applicants for bachelor’s degrees typically have to fulfill a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) or percentage requirement.

GAT/GRE, if relevant:

As part of the admissions process, some postgraduate schools may require candidates to take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or the Graduate Assessment Test (GAT).

Research Project (for Doctorate):

It may be required of Ph.D. applicants to submit a research proposal detailing their preferred area of study.

Interview (if relevant):

An interview procedure could be required for admission to some programs.

More Information

1. NCC and Hifz-e-Quran marks, if applicable, will only be included for merit determination; they will not be used in the calculation of eligibility. The 60% rounding off of the percentage will not be taken into account for eligibility.

2. He/She must be a legitimate resident of the community from which he is applying for admission.

3. He/She must fulfill the physical and visual requirements listed in the medical certificate F-V.

4. He/She was required to take the Entry Test in the session that the university scheduled, using the following combinations: English, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science/Statistics, Mathematics/Biology, and Physics.

b. Equivalent Examination: Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics from the Intermediate (Pre-Eng) Examination are recognized by the university as equivalent to the following examinations.

1) Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Azad, Kashmir; Intermediate (Pre-engineering Examination).

2)F.Sc. (Pre-medical) with an extra course in mathematics.

3) Advanced Level Cambridge Overseas Higher School Certificate of Education in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

4) Advanced Level British General Certificate of Education in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry.

5) The HSG diploma, or American High School Graduate diploma.

6) Any international credential recognized by the Inter Board Chairmen Committee (IBCC).

Note: To be considered for admission, applicants (Sr. Nos. 3 through 6) must include an equivalency certificate (Pre-Engineering) from the IBCC with their application.

Fee Structure

1Admission Charges6,000
2Re-admission Charges4,000
3Registration Charges3,000
4Library Security (Refundable)2,000
5Students Bus Card Charges500
6Tuition Charges500
8Survey Camp Charges(for Civil Engg. only)10,000
9Hostel Security (Refundable)5,000
10Mess Security (Refundable)5,000
11Service & Contingencies3,000
13Tutorial Charges1,000
14Sports Charges2,000
15Magazine Charges1,000
16Medical Charges3,000
17Laboratory Charges3,000
18Examination Charges2,500
19Book Bank Rent700
25Room Rent5,000
26Electricity Charges5,000
27Sui Gas Charges1,300
28Masjid Fund500
TOTAL 97,000
All Categories (Except X, S)97,00084,000
Partial-Subsidized (Only X, S)251,000238,000
All Categories (Except X, S)72,00072,000
Partial-Subsidized (Only X, S)172,000172,000
All Categories (Except X, S)601,000588,000
Partial-Subsidized (Only X, S)1,455,0001,442,000
  1. Only in case of Re-admission.
    2. These additional charges will be paid with the fee of the 4th Semester by the Civil Engineering students only.
    3.  Those candidates who have paid Rs 623,000/- as a first-semester fee will pay Rs 117,000/- in subsequent semesters.

 Note: 1. there will be no reimbursement of entrance fees in the event of an admission withdrawal.

2. Should a candidate from the S or X category be promoted to a different subsidized category during the admission cycle, the succeeding semesters’ admission fees will be modified accordingly.

The fee schedule is exclusive to students enrolled locally. Pakistanis living abroad, Pakistanis with foreign nationality, and international students pay various fees. You can get the fee schedule directly from the university admission office for seats intended for international and overseas students.

Most of the information provided about the Alma Mater relates to regular programming. Distance learning programs and online degree courses are also available at various institutions and colleges, including Alma Mater. Included are specifics about these distance learning and online degree programs. The information is missing, nevertheless, regarding the courses and degree programs that are available through private tests. Please check the examination section for more information about these programs.


The following are some possible categories of entrepreneurial activities or tasks that educational institutions, like UET Taxila, could engage in:

Business Incubators:

Creating business incubators to provide infrastructure, resources, and mentorship to nascent enterprises.

Cells of Entrepreneurship:

Establishing clubs or cells dedicated to entrepreneurship where students may work together, exchange ideas, and take part in business ventures.

Startup Contests:

putting on hackathons or start-up contests to motivate students to create and present their company concepts.

Hubs of Innovation:

Establishing innovation hubs or centers that act as venues for cooperative invention, research, and development.

Industry Partnerships:

Partnering with businesses to give students opportunities to work on projects tailored to their industry and real-world difficulties.

Workshops and Instruction:

Providing lectures, workshops, and training sessions on innovation, company development, and entrepreneurship.

Transfer of Technology:

Promoting commercialization by easing the flow of technology and research findings from academic institutions to business.

Courses on Entrepreneurship:

Including entrepreneurial courses and modules in the curriculum to give students the know-how and abilities required to launch and run enterprises.

Events for Networking:

Arranging networking gatherings to promote relationships and cooperation between students, graduates, business owners, and professionals within the industry.

Initiatives for Research and Development:

Promoting scientific projects with an eye toward possible commercialization and real-world applications.

Collaborations with New Businesses:

Establishing ties between students and already-existing entrepreneurial endeavors or working with established startups.

Obtaining Funding:

Supplying knowledge and assistance to students looking for capital for their business endeavors, as well as putting them in touch with sources of funding and investors.


Academic Merit Scholarships:

Given to students in recognition of their exceptional academic achievement.

Scholarships Based on Need:

Designed to assist students in need financially by helping them pay for their tuition and other associated costs.

Scholarships for Particular Courses:

Certain scholarships could be restricted to particular courses of study or programs.

Scholarships for sports:

Given to pupils who succeed in extracurricular activities like sports.

Research scholarships:

Given to students working on research projects to promote their contributions to scholarly progress.

Governmental Prizes:

Government-sponsored scholarships that assist students at the national or provincial level may be disbursed more easily with the help of UET Taxila.

Scholarships offered abroad:

Scholarships intended to draw and assist foreign students attending UET Taxila.

Research and Ph.D. Fellowships:

Grants or scholarships are available to students working on research projects or seeking doctorates.

Required Documents

Documents Required for Undergraduates

Transcripts and Certificates of Education:

Copies of your transcripts and certificates from high school (intermediate or equivalent).

Result of the Entry Test:

Outcomes of any entrance exam that the university may have required.

B-Form or National Identity Card (NIC):

A copy of your B-Form or National Identity Card (NIC).

Photos the size of a passport:

Current color passport-sized photos.

Certificate of Residence:

Evidence of residency is typically provided by the appropriate government agency.

Certificate of Character:                                                                           

A character reference from the last school you attended.

Any further requirements specific to the program:

There can be extra criteria for some programs. For instance, pre-engineering coursework may be necessary for engineering programs.

Documents Required for Post-Graduates

Transcripts and Certificates of Bachelor’s Degree:

Copies of your transcripts and certificates for the bachelor’s degree.

Result of Entry Test (if applicable):

You might be required to submit the results of any applicable entrance exams for certain programs.

Card for National Identity (NIC):

You’re National Identity Card (NIC) in copy form.

Photos the size of a passport:

Current color passport-sized photos.

Certificate of Residence:

Evidence of residency, is typically provided by the appropriate government agency.

Certificate of Character:

A character reference from the last school you attended.

Statement of Purpose or Research Proposal (for Research Programs):

A research proposal or statement of aim could be necessary for some research-based projects.

Any further requirements specific to the program:

There can be extra documentation needs or program-specific prerequisites.

Admission Process

  • To register with UET Taxila, visit the online admissions site and select the MY UET option.
  • Click the registration button and fill out the following fields to register.
  • Number CNIC/Form B, no dashes.
  • Decide on a password.
  • ECAT Roll Number (Not Needed for Physics and Mathematics BS)
  • Log in right now.
  • Complete the online form with your preferred method of contact, educational background, and applicable selections.
  • The candidate may repeatedly log in to view and modify their information up until the point of online application submission.
  • Take great care when filling out the preference table’s column for preference. Once a preferred order is established, it cannot be altered after the online application has been submitted.
  • Select just “A” (open merit), “S” (partially subsidized), and “X” (children of Pakistani expatriates) from the Category column. The remaining categories will be automatically modified based on his selected option.
  • Check merit lists per the timetable provided at
  • Should the applicant’s name be listed on the merit list, he will need to go to his “My UET” account to receive additional instructions.
  • The candidate will upload all necessary files to their “My UET” account per the instructions.

Essential component that will be considered in the next merit lists: Admissions are made based on the candidates’ choices and merit. To be included in the following merit lists, an applicant who is admitted into a discipline that is not his first choice must pay the first semester’s tuition and upload all necessary paperwork to their “My UET” account. His admission would be revoked and his name would be removed from any upcoming merit lists if he is unable to comply.

Freezing inside a specific Category and Discipline:

An applicant will not be entitled to admission in any other discipline or category of greater or lower merit should a seat become available in any discipline if he requests in writing to remain in the discipline and category in which he has been selected for admission based on merit. To freeze a category or discipline, an applicant must apply in person using the appropriate form before the next merit list is shown.

Revocation of Admission Rights:

A selectee forfeits his entitlement to admission and will not be taken into consideration for subsequent merit lists if he does not meet the standards outlined in 29.1 and 29.2 (Admission 2023 Guidelines / Prospectus) within the allotted time frame.

Temporary Admission:

A chosen candidate will be accepted to the institution upon completion of the requirements outlined in 29.1 and 29.2 (Admission 2023 Guidelines / Prospectus). However, until the authenticity of all the actual degrees or certificates he supplied is confirmed, this admission is only temporary.


i. You can call Phone No. 051-9047412 during business hours to find out any information about admissions.

ii. Throughout the admissions period, members of the admissions committee will also be in person for consultation.

Deadline: The last date for PHD to apply online for the University Of Engineering & Technology UET Taxila Admission 2024 is January 12, 2024.

Campus Facilities and Life

1. Educational Resources:

classrooms from today with audiovisual equipment.

well-equipped labs for hands-on learning in technology and engineering fields.

Libraries that stock books, journals, online databases, and other academic resources.

2. Infrastructure for Technology:

fast internet access is available all across the campus.

modern gear and software in computer laboratories available to students.

3. Recreational spaces and campus grounds:

Outdoor areas for leisure and unwinding.

Sports facilities for basketball, football, cricket, and other games.

4. Cafeterias and Student Halls:

hostels or residence halls for students choosing to live on campus.

cafeterias offering a selection of meals to students.

5. Services for Students:

career coaching and counseling services.

Medical facilities and health services.

The Office of student affairs will handle the non-academic needs of students.

6. Extracurricular Activities:

There are several intellectual, cultural, athletic, and artistic student organizations and groups.

Student-run events and activities that foster cooperation and leadership.

7. Centers for Innovation and Entrepreneurship:

Establishment incubation centers are among the facilities that promote innovation and entrepreneurship.

Possibilities for students to work on projects and participate in entrepreneurial activity.

8. Research Establishments:

research and development centers that support an academic inquiry culture.

Infrastructure for teachers and students to work on research projects.

9. Protective Services:

Campus security protocols to guarantee employees’ and students’ safety.

  1. Transportation Services:

Facilities for getting to and from the campus via transportation.

  1. foreign Collaboration:

Possibilities for students to participate in partnerships with other universities and foreign exchange programs.

12. Events and Workshops:

Consistent seminars, workshops, and events including a wide range of subjects and passions.

Contact Information

Engineering and Technology University of Taxila (UET):

University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila, Punjab, Pakistan is the address.

Email: [email protected] Phone: +92 51 9047 4000

Regarding Admissions:

[email protected] is the email address.

Official Website for UET Taxila then click here

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