A Shangla attack cautionary message was issued

Following the tragic Shangla attack resulting in the deaths of six individuals, including five Chinese engineers, the Pakistani military issued a stern warning. In a statement released by the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), foreign entities allegedly involved in supporting terrorism in Pakistan were strongly condemned, with a pledge to hold all responsible parties accountable.

The ISPR denounced the attack as part of a broader scheme aimed at destabilizing Pakistan’s security. Despite recent incidents in Gwadar, Turbat, and Besham, the armed forces remain steadfast in their anti-terrorism efforts, receiving support from both the public and allies like China.

While security forces successfully thwarted the first two attempts, the recent Besham incident tragically claimed six innocent lives, including five Chinese nationals. The statement expressed solidarity with China and unequivocally condemned the cowardly act, emphasizing the targeting of strategic projects and sensitive sites to hinder Pakistan’s economic progress and sow discord with its allies, particularly China.

Despite such violent acts, the Pakistani people, security forces, and partners remain unwavering in their commitment to eradicating terrorism from the country. With strong backing from citizens and China, the military reiterated its resolve to hold anyone found supporting terrorism, whether directly or indirectly, accountable.

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