The online registration of 25,000 electric rickshaws in Punjab

Since its launch in January 2024, the Punjab Transport and Mass Transit Department has made significant strides in registering rickshaws through the ‘Retrofitted Three-Wheeler’ portal, completing 25,000 registrations to date. This progress underscores the effective utilization of technology to streamline administrative processes within the transportation sector.

Alongside rickshaw registrations, the system has issued 22,000 Special Registration Vouchers (SRVs), indicating its widespread adoption and popularity among stakeholders.

The Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) developed the ‘Retrofitted Three-Wheeler’ portal to simplify the three-wheeler registration process in the province. The portal has significantly reduced bureaucratic hurdles by offering a user-friendly interface, ensuring a faster and more transparent registration and documentation process.

With a focus on transparency and efficiency, this technological initiative marks a paradigm shift in the delivery of government services. PITB Chairman Faisal Yousaf highlighted the numerous benefits of the initiative during a progress review meeting. Beyond serving stakeholders, the ‘Retrofitted Three-Wheeler’ portal enhances Punjab’s overall transportation system.

This project plays a vital role in enhancing the reliability and accessibility of transportation services in the province, thanks to its enhanced transparency and streamlined procedures.

The success of the ‘Retrofitted Three-Wheeler’ portal reflects a concerted effort by various government agencies to embrace digitalization and innovation in public service delivery. As the initiative continues to evolve, it has the potential to significantly transform Punjab’s transportation landscape, ultimately benefiting stakeholders and commuters alike.

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