AJK universities are seeking financial assistance to maintain their operations.

Public universities in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) are encountering significant financial difficulties that threaten their operational effectiveness and their capacity to support students.

University leaders, including vice-chancellors and the state chancellor, have made an appeal to the state government for financial assistance. They cautioned that without immediate support, 3,500 university staff members could face job losses, and 30,000 students may experience disruptions to their education. The president of AJK underscored the urgency of the situation in a detailed letter to the prime minister, highlighting that universities have not seen an increase in their annual grant from the Higher Education Commission (HEC) for five years. During this time, inflation and rising costs have strained university budgets significantly.

While salaries for government employees have risen, university budgets have not been adjusted accordingly to accommodate these increased costs. Additionally, the financial strain has been compounded by heightened pension obligations, for which there has been no additional government funding allocated.

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