IT Ministry Requests Creation of Cyber security Units in Every Province

The Ministry of Information and Telecommunication has initiated proactive measures nationwide to enhance cyber security, including advocating for the establishment of Provincial Computer Emergency Response Teams (PCERTs) in collaboration with all provincial administrations.

This program, along with the announcement of a national CERT, underscores the government’s dedication to laying the groundwork for cybersecurity infrastructure throughout the country.

It is stressed that before commencing operations, provincial authorities will regularly update the federal government on sector responsibilities, seeking approval for implementation.

Upon approval, designated departments of each provincial government will diligently work towards establishing PCERTs in compliance with CERT regulations. These PCERTs will operate as sectorial CERTs, maintaining close ties with the national CERT.

The mandate of Provincial CERTs encompasses safeguarding digital assets of provincial public sectors, including both autonomous and semi-autonomous organizations under provincial jurisdiction.

They will play a pivotal role in detecting CERT threats, conducting high-level threat assessments, issuing alerts and warnings, managing vulnerabilities, and promptly responding to and recovering from incidents.

Provincial CERTs will engage in comprehensive threat research, analysis, and dissemination, as well as proactively implementing measures to effectively mitigate cyber security risks.

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