Kohsar University Murree Admission Spring 2024

Established by the Punjabi government under the Kohsar University Murree Act-2020 (IX of 2020), Kohsar University Murree is a public university that offers outstanding academic opportunities to students from all across Pakistan. It provides a wide range of educational opportunities with its academic programs in the applied sciences, basic sciences, social sciences, and management sciences. Furthermore, the university welcomes overseas students to participate in its stimulating academic atmosphere and is committed to giving them exceptional possibilities.

Programs Offered:

Faculty of Management, Humanities and Social Sciences

i. BS English (Evening)

ii. BS Psychology (Evening)

iii. BS Design

iv. BS Tourism & Hospitality Management

v. BS Media and Communication Studies

vi. Bachelor of Business Administration

Faculty of Applied Sciences & Computing

i. BS Computer Science

ii. BS Software Engineering

BS Mathematics (Evening)

iv. BS Physics

v. BS Chemistry / BS Lateral Chemistry

Faculty of Biomedical & Life Sciences

i. BS Zoology

ii. BS Food Science and Technology

iii.BS Botany (Evening)

iv. BS Forestry & Range Management

v. BS Biotechnology

vi. BS Microbiology / BS Lateral Microbiology

vii. BS Biochemistry

viii. BS Bioinformatics

ix. BS Environmental Science

x. BS Medical Lab Technology (MLT)

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Minimum 45% Marks (50% Marks for CS and Software Engineering) in Intermediate / A-Level or equivalent in a relevant field, No 3rd division in an academic career.

For BS Lateral:

  • 14 years of formal Education for BSc or equivalent. Intermediate with a Minimum of 50% marks also 50% marks in two-year BSc (Annual system). Moreover, the candidate should pass the KUM entrance test. Degree Completion Requirements
  • According to KUM policy, a BS degree will be awarded on completion of minimum requirements.
  • The university reserves the right to cancel admission to any program.

How to Apply:

Online applications are accepted via the University website: www.kum.edu.pk. Upon entering the required information, applicants are advised to print the application form and send it to the following address: Kohsar University Murree Admin Block, Kashmir Point Murree.

Each application must be accompanied by an original Demand Draft amounting to Rs 1000/- in favor of “Treasurer Kohsar University Murree” or payment made online to the KOHSAR UNIVERSITY MURREE OTHER ACCOUNT “5310217226400017”. (Please ensure to attach the original deposit slip.)

Applicants are permitted to indicate a maximum of three preferences for degree programs on a single application form.

All admissions offered by the university are provisional. If the final result of the previous examination is pending, a Hope Certificate or affidavit (if applicable) from the last attended school/college can serve as the basis for a conditionally provisional admission offer from the university. This offer is confirmed once the result is submitted and all eligibility criteria are fully met, including the submission of required documents by the student. Failure to meet the minimum eligibility criteria may result in the student being dropped, and the refundable fee will be refunded according to university regulations.

Online Apply:

For online apply click here.

Last date for online apply 19th February , 2024.

Fee Structure:

Note: This is the fee of the following departments 1-English 2-Maths 3-Physchology 4-Sociology 5-PoliticalScience 6-Statistics 7-Urdu.

Note: This is the fee of the following departments 1-Art & Design 2-Bio.technology 3-Bio.informatics 4-CS 5-SE 6-Forestry 7-Microbiology 8-Physics 9-Media Communications 10-Environmental Science 11-MTL

For more information about fee structure click here.

Offered Scholarships:

i. Vice Chancellor’s Merit-based Scholarship

ii. Need-Based Scholarship

iii. Ehsas Scholarship

iv. PEEF Scholarship

v. MORA Scholarship

vi. Momina Scholarship

vii. Scholarship from the Police foundation for children of the Police Department

viii. Scholarships from the Teacher Foundation for Children of Teachers are available.

Salient Features:

1. Foreign Qualified Faculty / Foreign Affiliate Faculty/ Interaction with foreign students

2. Affordable Fee Structure

3. Well Equipped Laboratories

4. Foreign Partners; University of Glasgow & Fourien Inc. Edmonton, Canada, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, University College London GOS Institute of Child Health

5. Lecturers/ Seminar/ Workshops by Foreign Partner Faculties

6. Smart Classrooms / Smart Campuses Comprising the Most Reliable Internet Connectivity Provided by HEC

7. Hostel Accommodation & Transport Facility is available.

Contact information:

Phone: (+92) 51-9269174, 051-9269171, 051-9269170
Address: Address KUM Admin/Academic Block, Kashmir Point Campus, Punjab – Pakistan

Phone KUM Admin/Academic Block: +92 51-9269170

KUM Jhika Gali Campus : +92 51-3410458

KUM GPO Chowk Campus : +92 51-9269108

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