NEPRA has approved an increase in the rate by Rs. 2.75 per unit.

On Thursday, the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) sanctioned a notable rise in electricity tariffs, marking a significant shift in response to requests from XWDISCOS for periodic adjustments during the second quarter of FY 2023–24 (FY24), with the approved increment set at Rs. 2.75 per unit.

NEPRA’s decision reflects a series of ongoing adjustments affecting consumers nationwide. Presently, consumers bear the brunt of two quarterly changes in monthly costs. For the fourth quarter of FY23, slated to conclude by March 2024, a uniform applicable rate of Rs. 3.28 per unit is established.

The inaugural quarterly adjustment for FY24, also due to expire in March 2024, is set at a uniform applicable rate of Rs. 1.15 per unit. Cumulatively, these adjustments yield an overall impact of Rs. 4.43 per unit and are anticipated to conclude by March 2024.

Upon the expiration of the current applicable quarterly adjustments in April 2024, NEPRA has opted to initiate the quarterly adjustment for the second quarter of FY24, applicable to all consumer groups except lifeline consumers.

NEPRA’s action is poised to have a notable effect on stakeholders and customers within the electricity industry. Stay tuned for further updates and reactions to this development.

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